We are deeply vested in our clients success. We are not just “another agency”. All of our team has immense experience in their field and strives on thoroughly understanding the problems our customers are facing. Our entire team is always involved and regularly briefed on our customer’s status and issues therefore bringing the collective knowledge into our problem solving strategies.

Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that technology is just an enabler for bigger things. Often our experience has led to complete product overhauls that have simplified and saved invaluable time and resources while achieving better results. Working with us means being ready to answer “Why?”. It means knowing that we will push ourselves and your own team to question if there is a better/faster/cheaper way to do the same thing or even if it is actually required.

We usually work in 2 week development “sprints” with weekly status meetings. These meetings purpose is to assess the progress made so far, understand what will be completed the following week and assess if priorities have not changed. However we are always on Slack and continually add progress such as code commits to Github and Pivotal Tracker. We have also integrated to clients development tools on a request basis.

We will gladly give back 50% of our first month’s cost if you are not happy or we decide we are not a good fit for your specific needs. Be advised we are continually looking for feedback and can usually determine if a customer is a good fit within the first week working together. We have enormous respect for your time as well as ours so upfront honesty is paramount.